Step 1

Authenticate Your Twitter Account

Once you sign up for HelloTweet, we'll ask you to authenticate with Twitter so we can start monitoring your @ mentions and get ready to reply to your customers, fans and followers.

Step 2

Setup Your First #Keyword

Simply enter the #Keyword that you would like us to automatically reply to (when a tweeter tweets @YourName with #Keyword). It can be anything your heart desires.

Step 3

What Should We Say?

Now when someone tweets @YourName with #Keyword, what should we say back to them? Perhaps a special offer? Or just "what's up"? It's up to you, we just tweet it on your behalf.

Step 4

Now Sit Back and Relax

Every time they tweet, we tweet and we keep track too! See real-time stats on how many people received a HelloTweet back to know how successful you're going to be.

Seriously, it's that easy to setup and it's ready to be used.

HelloTweet was designed to be the simplest way to setup auto reply keywords to your customers, fans and followers. We've stripped out 1,000's of steps and turned it into 4 simple screens to make your life more enjoyable.

Start Increasing Your Twitter Activity

For every tweet we automatically send out for you, your Twitter score also increases! That may not be as important as making it easier for your customers to learn more, enter a contest or connect with you, but it sure is important to others.

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